Enabling an environment where all CRISP Professionals are provided a common platform to engage, interact, develop, educate, upskill and collectively create a well-knit professional fraternity. Motivate personnel and professionals to choose facilities, real estate management as a preferred carrier option through career sessions thereby attracting more fresh talent to the industry and fraternity. Promote a strong ecosystem to thereby enhancing working relationships and initiatives between CRISP Professionals, Government bodies, Service Partners & wider camaraderie. Organize industry seminars, conferences, events, workshops, research publications, industry offerings.
"To secure for the Reality Infrastructure & Services its due place in India's development & economy and project its role as a contributor to employment generation and sustainable economic and social development; highlight its crucial role in the service industry; help raise the management standards and build an brand image for this industry both within and outside the country."


  • To plan, promote and protect by lawful means, the interests of the Reality Infrastructure & Services vertical.
  • To secure for its due place in India’s development & economy, and highlight its crucial role in the service industry;
  • To help raise the standards, growth, efficiency and an image of the Industry both in India and abroad;
  • To project the Industry’s role as a contributor to employment generation;
  • To take up, consider and discuss issues of national and international importance affecting the Industry;
  • To communicate with Industrial Associations, Chambers of Commerce and other commercial, industrial or public bodies, within and outside India and to concentrate on promotional measures for protection of business and commercial activities of the Industry;
  • To give high priority to activities designed to bring about improvement in the performance of Industry such as Energy Conservation, R&D, Human Resources Development,Quality, Productivity etc;
  • To undertake, organise and facilitate national and international Conferences, Seminars, Study Courses, Lectures, develop action oriented programs and similar other activities in the interest of the Industry;
  •  To collect, diffuse and disseminate statistical and commercial information, affecting the Industry, and Service providers etc. among the members;
  • To issue, publish and circulate in India and abroad such papers, periodicals, books, circulars, pamphlets and other literature as may be conducive to any of the objects or calculated to advance the interests of the Industry and to publish as and when required as priced publications or otherwise;
  • To establish and maintain libraries and Data Bank so that timely information, data, advisory and research services can be provided and the study of advanced trends & problems etc. of the Industry can be facilitated, both in India and abroad;
  • To apply for and obtain any rights, concessions and privileges from and to enter into any arrangements that may seem directly or indirectly conducive to the objects of this Association, with any Authorities, central, local or otherwise;
  • To establish a network at the National, Regional and State levels in order that grass-roots services and relationships are formed for the purposes of the promotion of the objects of the Association;
  • To serve the small, medium and large sectors of the Industry on a harmonious basis;
  • To plan, promote, and provide for training in all operations and management of the Industry and Other Sectors as may be approved by the Management Committee from time to time;
  • To do all that may be necessary in the interests of the realisation of the objects of the Association directly or indirectly.
  • The Association is the voice of the Reality Infrastructure & Services Industry and provides an interface with Political Leadership, Academics, International Associations and other Stake Holders.
  • The Association is committed to the progress of the Industry through the various activities like education and training, research and publication, Annual Convention to promote interaction with Government officials, political leaders and stake holders of the Industry.
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