FM News

30 Jun 2021

Park+ to offer next-gen parking solutions for Smartworks

As a part of this engagement, Park+ will enable campus administration for the flex space provider by automating parking allocation…

29 Jun 2021

This is the time for change in healthcare design

When the pandemic of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) hit in early 2020 with a seismic wave of infected cases globally,  and no country was not spared.

29 Jun 2021

How to get interior design product sourcing right

Sourcing is one of the most difficult critical and difficult phases of an architecture and interior design project. It’s because sourcing is not a single-person job;

28 Jun 2021

Delos, Propstack collaborate to accelerate wellness in indoor environments

Delos, a wellness real estate and technology company, and Propstack, an Indian real estate technology …..

24 Jun 2021

Healthi Partners with WeWork to Offer Seamless COVID-19 Vaccination Drives

As more COVID-19 vaccinations get approval and availability improves, the onus is now on setting up more vaccination drives at safe

17 Jun 2021

What are the alternatives in a world that is increasingly boycotting China?

Recent events have shone a light on the perils of relying on a single country for most of our finished product, capital goods ..

14 Jun 2021

A summary of all the Indian rating systems for 'green' buildings

In India, the Green Building Code is a mix of many of codes and standards contained in the by-laws of the National Building Code, the Energy Conservation

10 Jun 2021

Integration of intelligent fire alarm systems for new age smart buildings

Conventional systems are hardware-based and use analog technology. These systems are made up of zones (“area/wide area zoning”)…