New technologies

07 Jul 2021

Need to embrace the reality of technology and automation

Technology is going to change facilities management roles, automation will bring in the robots.  Machines will be smarter and faster than people. Facilities managers

29 Jun 2021

Time to move on from the stagnated & outdated MEP design

Prevention is better than cure – the age-old adage counsels, but unfortunately, there are still stakeholders within the MEP industry

14 Jun 2021

Evolution of Smart Buildings - Convergence of Green and Intelligent Buildings

From the 17th century onwards, systems were designed for temperature control, the mechanical control of mills, and the regulation of steam engines.

14 Jun 2021

Smart Buildings – Why The Need?

One of the biggest reasons, for rise of smart buildings with time has been the changing needs of building owners, who have always been looking for possibilities & potentials to increase the building’s value and marketability. towards the end of the century