Men at work

28 Jun 2021

Design industry's Dos and Don’ts for the future - A guide to the next generation..

The next generation of designers and architects in India, needs to understand the key differences between impactful and detrimental design practices. They can experiment …

22 Jun 2021

Understanding the concept of financing fitouts in the office segment

The COVID-19 outbreak gave an opportunity to the office space operators to rethink their offerings, products and strategies. The corporate organizations around the world are progressively ..

07 Jul 2021

Understanding the nuances of Microsoft's Design Language from the key members

The design principles at Microsoft align with anything that can contribute to productivity. The choice of workplace types, within the premises, is adapted to support different work…

07 Jul 2021

Next-Gen Workspace: the intersection of AI and human intelligence

Acommunity plaza for employees to gather, learn and play. Car-free zones and routes for bicyclists. Energy-optimised smart buildings; spaces to spark creativity within teammates….